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AJU Welfare Foundation Foundation

AJU Welfare Foundation

AJU Good Dream Center

AJU Good Dream Center, which opened on August 1, 2017, provides a variety of programs for children and young people in the region such as study guidance and athletic activity program so that they can develop dreams and a hopeful future. It is working to support the growth of more and more children by dispatching career education lecturers in regional well-being institutions. In addition, the building has a small library, opened as a community-friendly facility, and various programs are provided for the local residents' age group so that they can develop proper reading habits.

AJU Welfare Foundation

The Flint of Love

Every year since 2005, it has been AJU’s social contribution activity for longevity that sends briquettes or kimchi to low-income families living in various parts of the country. AJU volunteers have been supporting those in need throughout the country, providing 1.01 million briquettes in the past 14 years and spending warm-hearted winters with disaffected people.

AJU Welfare Foundation

Umyeon Happy Dream Center

AJU Happy Study Room that has been supported in connection with community welfare since 2007 has been transformed into Umyeon Happy Dream Center (the local children's center), supporting the overall operation and dreams and providing various support for children to prepare for their own future and realize their dreams through a dream-finding program to prevent inheritance of poverty as well as basic child care. In addition, the Seocho AJU Happy Dream Search I CAN project, which is being carried out for 10 local children's centers with Seocho District Office, is a project for educational support project that provides various career programs to help children and young people in Seocho District to find their dreams and design their future.

AJU Welfare Foundation

AJU Special Trip

Starting in 2006, “AJU Special Trip” is a leisure resort program conducted every year for mothers with severely disabled children living across the country to allow them relax and recharge. For 13 years from 2006 to 2019, a total of 22 sessions were held and 461 mothers participated. The company regularly holds meetings and forms communities for information exchange and fellowship among the participants, and continues to practice communication and sharing.